Does grammar corrector only check text in English?

No, grammar corrector is not limited to conducting spelling and grammar check in the English language only. It's perhaps the only spelling and grammar check application that supports multiple languages. Whereas most of the free online grammar checker applications are limited to only checking English text and that also those that are in American English. When you open the grammar corrector site, you will see two blue colored boxes in the left bottom corner of the text box. On clicking on the box that has English written on it, you will see the languages that this free online grammar checker application supports.

Yes, grammar corrector is perhaps the only free online grammar checker application that supports multiple languages like Chinese, Russian, French, Persian, etc. it supports over thirty languages. We are quite sure no other free online grammar checker application supports so many languages. It also has an auto-detect feature. For example, if you enter a text and you are not sure whether it's in Dutch or Danish, grammar corrector will detect the language the text is in and will run the spelling and grammar check.

It means that you can use it for spelling and grammar check on other languages as well. English also has variants like American, British, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian. By selecting the variant of English of your text in grammar corrector, it will use the appropriate dictionary and grammar rules.

If you correspond in more than one language grammar corrector will work on the languages that you use. Unless the language is not in the list, it is easily the best free online grammar checker application that’s available currently and its free.

You can test any of the supported languages of grammar corrector and if you encounter any problems, do contact us. We want grammar corrector to be a universal spelling and grammar check application which is not limited to English spelling and grammar corrections only.