What kind of academic qualifications do www.grammarcorrector.net creators have?

Grammar corrector has a team comprising of professors, language researchers, and experts who have designed the rules to be incorporated into the website. It’s a highly qualified and experienced team that worked together to create this application. Grammar corrector is not limited to being an English correction online solution only. It conducts spelling and grammar check in some of the most popular languages people use in their communication.

The team members that have designed and created grammar corrector constantly remain in touch with the rest of the team and website support group. Whenever a user contacts us, we check the query and pass it on to the member best qualified to handle the query. If a new spelling and grammar check application comes online, our team of researchers conducts a comprehensive test on that site. If they come across any new features that are valid but missing in grammar corrector, they get it incorporated in it.

Grammar corrector aims to be the leading spelling and grammar check application available for free to users. Grammar corrector is not just a free English correction online solution, but one that does spelling and grammar check in several languages. The team of experts who created this remarkable application and who are deeply involved in maintaining it is language experts in their languages.

Grammar corrector will not reveal the names and qualifications of the creators. We have a rigorous privacy policy and do not reveal any personal information. However, if you have a query or a suggestion, we would welcome you sending it to us.

We want grammar corrector to be known as the best spelling and grammar check application that handles text in multiple languages. You can be assured that when you use grammar corrector, you are using one of the best spelling and grammar check applications that have been created by language experts.