Can grammar corrector users suggest a new grammar rule?

Comments from users are always welcome as they help us in improving the grammar check application. If you are in the habit of making the same error repeatedly, or if you know that others also make the same mistake, we will study your recommendation. We will conduct a research and decide if the problem is limited to a certain set of users or across the board. Based on the results of our research we will decide whether to create a new rule or not.

We have seen a lot of shortcuts appearing on social media and chat sites. Words abbreviations like: 'brb,' 'lol,' 'btw,' etc. are commonly used on chat sites. None of the spelling and grammar check applications have incorporated these words in their dictionaries, and neither has grammar corrector. Social media and chat users understand these abbreviations, but people who don’t use social media do not. Again, if a certain group of users likes, students, researchers, scientists have started using a phrase or sentence which is flagged by spelling and grammar check applications. These sentences will continue to be flagged as long as they are not accepted by English grammar experts as being correct. Grammar corrector is extremely careful when it comes to abiding by universal English grammar rules.

English grammar rules are extensive, and grammar corrector has incorporated all the rules in its database. That’s why it's one of the most trusted spellings and grammar check applications available to users on the internet. It's easily the best grammar checker right now, and we always welcome comments from users to improve it. What makes it more attractive for users is that this best grammar checker is free and can be accessed and used from anywhere. Other websites that claim to be the best grammar checker have some limitation. Yes, if you think you have a valid suggestion, we would like to hear from you.