Does Grammar Corrector only flag grammar errors?

No. grammar corrector does not just do a free grammar check. Grammar corrector performs two types of checks. It checks for spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. Some grammar errors are caused due to words being misspelled. In certain cases, all the words in a sentence are spelled correctly, but the sentence makes no sense. For example, 'they've house' has no spelling mistakes in it, but it does not make any sense. Grammar corrector will examine this sentence and suggest that 'they've' be changed to 'their.' Now if you look at 'their house,' it makes sense.

Grammar corrector is a very comprehensive spelling and grammar check application. There are multiple dictionaries in its database, and each word is checked to see if it's been spelled correctly or not. All the grammar rules with examples are in its database, and it checks every sentence to see if it complies with the grammar rules or not. If there are spelling and grammar mistakes in a sentence, both will be highlighted in different colors. Spelling mistakes are highlighted in pink and grammar mistakes in yellow. The user has the option to correct a spelling or grammar mistake. Grammar corrector does not make any changes automatically. It has not been programmed to do that. The reason for not permitting an automatic update is that the user sees the mistake and learns from it. We want users to improve their spelling and grammar skills. The more a user will use this spelling and grammar check application the fewer mistakes he or she will make in the future.

Grammar corrector is a free grammar check program, but it is not limited only to performing a free grammar check. It works like an English teacher who checks students' assignments for spelling and grammar mistakes..