Grammar corrector has flagged a word as being misspelled when it is correct?

Multiple dictionaries are used by grammar corrector to identify spelling errors. You may have submitted the text with British spellings, and the grammar corrector has flagged them. The reason for this is that in the bottom left corner are two blue colored boxes. One has 'English, ' and the other has 'American' written on them. These are the defaults used by grammar corrector. If your text is in another language click on the box that says English and selects the language. If you have not changed the default from American to the English that you have written the text in, it will highlight spelling mistakes. In some American English words' is replaced with 'z,' and words ending in 'our' are spelled excluding the 'u' like in color.

If you have used the correct selection and are getting a spelling error on a word or words, do get in touch with us. Our analysts will check the word, and if it appears in any dictionary, it will be included.

Grammar corrector maintains an up to date language dictionaries and uses the dictionary that's required. As a state of the art spelling and grammar check application, it has to maintain valid dictionaries to do a comprehensive check. It's not just an online grammar check tool but is a complete spelling and grammar check application. Grammar corrector checks the spelling of each word that it comes across in a text, and it will flag a spelling error if the typed word cannot be found in its dictionary.

When you click on the word that grammar corrector has flagged as misspelled, it indicates that it has displayed a list of words that contain the correct spelling. These are the words it has in its dictionary. Therefore, do recheck the word in other spelling and grammar check applications and if they all give the same error, then the word is misspelled.