How does grammar corrector work?

Grammar corrector is available online 24/7 at www.grammarcorrector.net. Users must have a computer and an internet connection to access grammar corrector. It does not matter whether the user is located in Japan, Australia, Hawaii, Africa. Users can be anywhere in the world. Grammar corrector is a free grammar check application. To access grammar corrector type www.grammarcorrector.net in the navigation bar of the web browser. Once, the site is displayed you will see two options. One, you can upload a file which is in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Notepad. Microsoft changed the file extension from 'doc' to 'docx' in their 2007 version. Grammar corrector accepts files in both the file formats for running a spelling and grammar check. It also accepts files with the 'txt' extension. Click on the 'Select file' button and browse through the files on your computer and select the file on which you want to perform a spelling and grammar check..

The second option is that you can either copy/paste text in the text box, or you can type directly in the text box.

Regardless of which option you have selected grammar corrector will not perform a spelling and grammar check until you click on the 'Check Grammar' button. It will take a few moments before it displays the results.

If there are spelling and grammar mistakes in the text, they will be highlighted and displayed. Move the cursor on the highlighted error and click the mouse button. On highlighted spelling mistake, the correct spelling will be displayed. In case there are more than one spelling options, a list of alternate words will be displayed. For grammar mistakes, an explanation of the error and the correct solution will be displayed. After you incorporate the corrections, the highlight will vanish. You can now copy/paste the corrected version of the text onto your computer.

It is how grammar corrector works in performing spelling and grammar check. It’s a free grammar check and one of the best free grammar check application available.